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Sinead Kieran, founder of Coaching by SMK, spent 18 years working with Fortune 500 companies, such as PayPal, Symantec, BBC, and Atos specialising in business optimisation and transformation. Having discovered a natural aptitude and passion for coaching, Sinead qualified as an ICF accredited coach in 2013. Coaching by SMK provides professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs with tools, resources and personalised strategies to drive career, business and financial growth.

Who is Coaching by SMK for?

Clients at Coaching by SMK are hugely varied in terms of industry and profession, ranging from senior executives in multinational companies, to sole-traders, such as plumbers, florists and artists; and entrepreneurs in fields ranging from fashion, tech to medical. Typically, Sinead’s clients will identify with one or more of the following issues in their business practice or professional career:

  • Overwhelmed, no direction, plan or focus
  • Lacking clarity of thought
  • Have a willingness to grow but are unsure of the "how"
  • Require a personal sounding board to gain new perspectives
  • Need an accountability partner

Each of Sinead’s clients is aware of the need to maintain a competitive advantage in their individual industry or professional career. We all know that in business you can’t afford to stand still - yesterday’s accomplishments won’t guarantee tomorrow’s success. The process of continual evolution can be overwhelming, which is exactly why engaging an external party, in the form of a business coach, can help lead your business towards lasting success.

What will I gain by working with Coaching by SMK?

Sinead provides clients with focus and clarity, helping them to identify clear business or career goals. Sinead then coaches clients on how to draw on their own skillset and talents to achieve that goal.

Having invested in their business and themselves by working with Sinead, clients have seen tangible results in many areas, such as:

  • Measurable financial growth
  • Clarity on direction, goals, purpose - prioritisation
  • Career progression/ promotion
  • Smoother operations and flow
  • Reduced stress, work life balance

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