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Business coaching for SME’s & Entrepreneurs

Running your own business is challenging and it can be a very lonely place. Every business owner sooner or later realises that the ability to do their job well to date is not always enough to run a growing, successful business in the future.

If you run your own business, it is almost impossible for you to view it objectively. As your business coach, Sinead provides a helicopter view, drawing on her own diverse business acumen, to support you as a partner in your business’s growth. Sinead can take you from the corner shop to the supermarket!

Full Day Workshop

Following an initial 30 minute, no-fee introductory meeting, Sinead will recommend a tailored programme of support to facilitate your business needs. For some clients a 1-day workshop is a fantastic way to deep dive into the business structure, develop clarity, set clear goals and targets and utilise Sinead’s expertise and resources to create an action plan.

Sinead utilises bespoke tools to analyse the current situation and develop a detailed programme of action to make her clients business aspirations a reality.

As the business leader YOU are the essential umbrella under which all other elements of your business operate. To deliver a profitable and meaningful organisation you need to have a clear vision to influence, motivate and inspire the key pillars of your organisation, which are:

  • People
  • Mind set
  • Process
  • Performance

When you work with Sinead, she will identify any gaps in your organisational structure and work with you to develop a personalised strategy to ensure that the gaps are plugged.

Sinead also provides a comprehensive follow up service – no plan is provided without guidance and clear directives to achieve the agreed goals.

Coaching by SMK

Your Partner on the road to success

Many of Sinead’s business owner and entrepreneur clients choose to engage Sinead’s services on a more consistent basis, as a partner on their journey to performance development and business growth. 

If your desire is to perform more effectively, develop personal and professional fulfilment and realise more of your potential, business coaching will facilitate this journey.

As your business coach, Sinead acts as a confidential and trustworthy sounding board and provides a safe space to explore ideas and options, and to offer objective challenges.

In much the same way as a sports coach would bring out the best in an athlete, working with Sinead will ensure that you are playing to your strengths.

Sinead recommends that clients engage in a 90 min coaching consultation once per month, supported by a 7-day check-in by phone call/ email to ensure that plans are being implemented/ targets met etc.  For clients who prefer a more engaged programme, Sinead also provides a more intensive daily check-in service, as required. 

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