For those clients who are feeling lost or disengaged, frustrated, lacking life balance and in need of some clarity, I offer a comprehensive series of 90 min coaching sessions – helping you to understand and consider all the options.

Be patient! #quotestoliveby #quotes #inspiration #coaching #businesscoach #personalcoach #coachingquotes

This is why I do what I do and followed my dream to start my own business It’s been a bumpy road getting going but this kind of feedback makes it all worth while! #ilovemyjob

Today’s world is ever-changing. It is competitive, requiring professionals to continually learn, develop, adapt, balance and grow. If your desire is to perform more effectively, develop personal and professional fulfilment and realise more of your potential while maintaining balance then coaching will facilitate this journey. I can act as a confidential and trustworthy sounding board and provides a safe space to explore ideas and options and to offer objective challenges. Get in touch to discuss your needs. #personalcoaching #mentor #coaching #careercoach #irishbusiness #meath #meathbusiness

So it’s officially the most depressing day and most depressing week of the year. So I’m setting a challenge, do one thing today that will make a difference / up light a friend, family member, co worker etc. Send a text, voice clip, message, make a call - whatever. Simply do something nice and in turn lift your own feel good chemicals and get the “helpers high” #bluemonday #helpershigh #makeadifference #bekind

What is Resilience? We all need to be resilient to get through life’s challenges. However, sometimes the concept can seem quite heavy. Let’s make it simple, you can think of resilience in terms of a car’s ability to get back to high speed after it has slowed down to avoid an obstacle. Resilience acts like a smooth gear change as we negotiate the twists and turns of life. I like this definition of resilience. “Resilience enables us to develop protection mechanisms against experiences which could be overwhelming. It helps us to maintain balance in our lives during difficult or stressful periods of time and it can also protect us from the development of mental health issues.”


Thank you HPRA for the invite to do a lunch and learn on goal setting. Lovely welcome and an amazing bunch of people. The #givingback theme is amazing - not a wonder you guys have all the awards in reception! The topic was goal setting - goals give us direction in our lives and provide us with a target to work towards. They can focus us to achievement. Unfortunately some people don’t set goals, set goals that are really for others, don’t track / check in or don’t know how. This session was all about breaking it down into a simple form and kick starting 2020 on the right foot #goals #coaching #personalgrowth #lunchandlearn

Thank you to Eoin Marsh for this lovely Google Review. #happyclients #coachinghelps #personalcoach #businesscoach #careercoach #googlereview #thankyou #meath #dublin #irishbusiness

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